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Heat Tube

Item Number: PBWHR

We are proud to offer a new heat stack that is made in america.  The company that is building this heat stack has a long track record of quality.  The previous model we offered was not as expensive, but rarely lasted more than a year.  We are confident that this new heat stack will be a longer lasting better cooking option. 

The heat stack is one of the most popular methods of cooking the Intuition liners.  This new stack will cook the liner more evenly than the previous models, even down to the toe box.  There are many advantages to the heat stack: Molds both liners at once, molding times can be adjusted by operator, and comes with a preset temp at 246°. 

Heating Time

10 Min at Sea level

12 Min at 6000 Ft.

15 Min at 9000 Ft.

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